bamboo landscape

I have sold bamboos into the landscape industry for the last 25 years. My specialty has been the supply of balled and burlapped stock ranging in size from 75L to 1000L and up to 11m tall. Over the years I have become more selective in the number of species that I offer for commercial sale. My bamboos are grown on the Mid North Coast of NSW in a sub tropical climate. All of the bamboos are disease free and fully stabilised if ex ground. My background in landscape design enables me to advise both architects and landscape architects on a bamboos suitability.

I have also supplied bamboo timber for the last 25 years. The main species
supplied are Madake, P.bambusoides, Moso, P.pubesens, B.oldhamii and D.latifloris. I have supplied to the film and advertising industries, art institutions and commercial construction industries. I offer lengths up to 6m by 125mm diameter.

Due to market demands I will be offering selected species in containers ranging from 30cm to 75L the second quarter of 2012.

Calligraphy for Bamboo Landscape